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How to Enter Scores from Your Team Page

To enter scores, go to your Team Page.  If you are logged in with your password, you will see a button on the top left corner that says "Edit Mode".  Click to use  "Edit Mode".  Permission to make changes is given by NDBA. Please contact the Scheduler if you cannot see this button.

Once you are in edit mode, go to "Game Schedule".  This lists all your games for the season.  Find the game that you are wanting to score.

Click on QS (Quick Scores) on the far right side.  Enter your scores.  Click “Final” and “Save”. It is the Home Team that should post the scores. If after 24 hours the Home Team has not entered the score then the Visiting Team may enter the score. If you need assistance contact at


When you are in your team page you can go to your Team Control Panel by pushing the button that says ‘Manage Team’ at the top right when in Edit Mode. Once you are in your teams schedule page press the game you want to change, then push he ‘Pen’ icon on the right side. This allows you to cancel or postpone games, move the game date, etc. These changes will also affect the other team so please make them aware of any changes.

How to Enter Scores and Edit the Schedule on your Phone

Download the Sportsengine App.  If you are logged in and have gained permission to enter scores, go to your team. Press Schedule then the game you what to score. Press on the “Pen” icon to edit the game or enter a score. If you do not see your team, please email the scheduler to resend a team invitation.