For more information or any questions regarding Umpires please contact Brad Woof our Umpire-In-Chief / (778) 928-9663.

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Sunday March 5th  |  8:30am to 5:00pm  |  Annieville Park

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The NDBA is governed by rules in this priority (1-highest, 5-lowest). For specifics about rule priorities please refer to the NDBA rules.

1. League Interlock Rules (if applicable *)
7U (T-Ball) Spring Rules *
9U (Tadpole) Spring Rules *
11U (Mosquito ‘A’) Spring Rules *
13U/15U/18U (Peewee ‘A’/’AA’, Bantam ‘A’, Midget ‘AA’) Spring Rules *
2. NDBA Rules
3. BCBA Rules
4. Baseball Canada Umpires
5. Official Baseball Rules

Tournament Rules
The NDBA tournaments will follow these rules.

8U (Tadpole) Summer Tournament Rules
9U (Tadpole) Victoria Day Tournament Rules
11U (Mosquito ‘A’) Jeff Francis Tournament Rules

Umpire Allocation
Allocation for all NDBA games is done online using the Scheduler Management System software. Umpires and Division Reps are given system profiles and access privileges.

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Game Cancellations/Rainouts
In case of Game Cancellations/Rainouts please contact Brad Woof / (778) 928-9663. As a secondary contact if Brad is not responding Rick Antoniak / (604) 671-0932. As an emergency contact if neither Brad nor Rick are responding Ryan Semak / (778) 317-2694.


Brad Woof is Out Of Town Umpiring the American Association Of Independent Professional Baseball (AA) & the Canadian American Association Of Professional Baseball (CAN-AM) Full-Time in Winnipeg, Trois-Rivières, Quebec City & Ottawa from June 02>July 03, 2017