Deposit Cheques

Not applicable for the Blastball and Challenger divisions.

Before a player is given his/her uniform the player must provide 2 post dated cheques at their teams preassigned uniform fitting time. If you are unable to make the uniform fitting time please arrange for another parent to have your childs sizes, a current email contact for that player as well as the two cheques before any release of uniforms will be permitted. NO EXCEPTIONS. All cheques must be collected before the start of the season.

uniform deposit cheque
$100, make payable to NDBA, posted-dated  June 1st, 2016.

concession duty deposit cheque
$100, make payable to NDBA, posted-dated June 1st, 2016.

The uniform deposit cheque will be cashed if the player’s uniform isn’t returned at the end of the season.  The concession duty deposit cheque will be cashed if all player’s parents don’t complete their 2 concession duties.