Managers, Coaches, and Assistant Coaches are needed for all seasons. We greatly appreciate everything our volunteers do, so if you would like to apply for a coaching position there is a process which we need to follow:

  1. Criminal Record Check

    A Criminal Record Check (CRC) must be initiated by each volunteer working with the players. See the section below for details.

  2. Coaches Code of Conduct

    Each volunteer must submit a signed Coaches Code of Conduct form. See the section below for details.

  3. On-line Coaching Application

    Coaches may now fill out our online coaching application form. See the section below for further details.

1. Criminal Record Check Program

All Managers, Coaches, and Assistant Coaches MUST COMPLETE the criminal records check process prior to Opening Ceremonies for the Spring Season and July 1 for Summer ball. Your Criminal Records Check is good for 2 years. There is no charge to NDBA volunteers for this process.

The process must be completed online using the following:

Online Link:
Access Code: HC57WSZ5L6

  1. Enter the Access Code (found above).
  2. Type in the security code (found on the website).
  3. Click the ‘Request a new Criminal Record Check‘ or ‘Share the Result of a Completed Criminal Record Check‘ button.
  4. Answer the questions until complete.

More information about this process can be found on the Ministry of Justice’s website, or use our step-by-step guide.

To complete this process offline, please use the Police Information Check (PIC) forms found here.

  1. Submit your completed Police Information Check (form 1) – Volunteer form to your local Police Station.
  2. Fill out the Police Information Check (form 2) – Confirmation and then have them stamp it as “received”.
  3. Submit the completed form 2 to our Vice President (, Coaching Director ( and your Division Rep.

2. Coaches Code of Conduct

All Managers, Coaches, and Assistant Coaches must read and sign the Coaches Code of Conduct. Please send your signed copy to your division rep and our Coaching Director (

3. Coaching Applications

Coaches may now submit their applications online ~ Click Here ~ after having submitted your Criminal Record Check and Coaches Code of Conduct.  

All applications should be submitted to our Coaching Director ( by the following dates:

  1. Spring Season – February 1st
  2. Summer Season – Victoria Day
  3. Fall Season – August 31st

Selection of Team Managers

In the event that there are more Team Managers applying for teams than there are teams, the following rules shall apply:

(a) All applicants must submit a completed ‘Application to Coach’ to the Coaching Director and their Division Representative.
(b) All applicants shall be reviewed by the Selection Committee and be interviewed.
(c) The Selection Committee shall be comprised of the Coaching Director, President, Vice-President and two (2) or more other members selected by the Coaching Director, which will include certified (NCCP) baseball coaches, experienced coaches (years) and members who have been involved in the Association and/or Executive for enough years to either know the candidates or have a good feel for the selection process.
i. A minimum of five members are required for a quorum.
ii. If there is an even number, the President will abstain from voting.
iii. If a committee member is an applicant, he/she may not vote.
iv. If required, the Coaching Director will add members for a quorum.
(d) All Selection Committee decisions are final.

Baseball Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

The NDBA recommends all coaches complete the on-line module and take an Initiation Coach Clinic to be certified as an “Initiation Coach”. To meet summer ball requirements some coaches will need to achieve the “Regional and Provincial Coach” level. Once completed, the NDBA will reimburse the cost of these courses (keep your receipts). Go to our Links page to find Baseball Canada’s NCCP web-site.

Medical Forms

The coach is responsible for having his/her players complete the medical form. The coach must keep the completed medical forms on their person for practices and games.

Parents Code of Conduct

Coaches are encouraged to review the Parents Code of Conduct with their team’s parents. A signed copy from each set of parents will help set and maintain the expecations of the Association.

Parental Field Duties

2 parents are assigned to field duties for each ‘home’ game. They are responsible for the set-up and clean-up of the playing field before and after the game. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the game.

Deposit Cheques

Uniform and Concession deposit cheques will be collected by the Uniform Coordinator at the arranged uniform fitting times. Please have two seperate cheques made out to NDBA one marked uniforms the other marked concession. All dates on cheques should be post dated to June 1st/14.  Not applicable to Blastball, Challenger and Premier coaches. More info

Practice Fields

Field schedules are posted on our website. Please contact the Field Scheduler to book a field for your regular practice times. Each division will be given priority on practice times for the fields that are the appropriate size for the age of their players. Coaches should attempt to resolve scheduling conflicts caused by rain-out games themselves before contacting the Field Manager.

Conflicts with other organizations using our fields can usually be resolved by showing them our field permits. They can be found on the website at the bottom of each field’s calendar.

Game Cancellations/Rainouts (at least 1 hour notice)

In case of rainouts called by the home team, or game cancellations please contact Concessions and Umpires. Your team will be notified by the Field Manager of any field closures. Field availability may be found in the parks section of our website. Coaches should attempt to resolve scheduling conflicts caused by rain-out games themselves before contacting the Field Manager.

End of Season Ballplayer Assessments

  1. All team’s should submit one or more completed assessments of their spring roster (Assistant Coach feedback is optional).
  2. Using the evaluation scales found in Appendix 1 as a guideline, score each of the 7 targeted assessment areas per player on your seasonal roster.
  3. Be sure to include you team’s division and name, the coach’s name and the date the evaluation was completed.
  4. Return all completed copies to the Coaching Director.